Android Amazon Fire 7 with Google Play added


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Jul 26, 2017
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Is this the right forum for discussing tablets?

I was given a 16gb Fire 7 and didn't want to use it as an Amazon tab. I'm Google based so I thought I wouldn't get much use out of it but some members of the HoFo Tracfone forum helped me to install Google Play on it. It now is able to utilize Google Play apps and for me, that makes it much more useful.

This is the link I visited to install the files that enabled Google Play.

I installed the following on my Fire 7:

Google Voice
Google Drive
Google Docs
Simple Gallery
Simple notepad
QuickEdit text editor
Yahoo mail
Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard
Apex Classic launcher

For some reason TextNow call & text app wouldn't install.

The Apex launcher is treated as an app I've opened and if i tap the home button the Amazon landing page appears. I have to touch the Apex icon on the Amazon home screen to launch the Apex configured home screen. I couldn't select the Apex app for default. Under apps, the Default choices were grayed out.

I reconfigured the Amazon home page with everything sorted into folders to unclutter it. Before that, it had the look of an app drawer.

I much prefer the Swiftkey keyboard to the Amazon keypad that the Fire 7 came with. I tried Gboard but it didn't have as many customizing options as it offers on my phones. Swiftkey allows me to resize the keyboard to a smaller size and lets me move it to the right for right handed typing. It also has a lot of theme options with different colors and keyboards.

I just put this out here for anyone who doesn't know how to add Google Play to their Fire tablet. Amazon is still on it but Play makes it more flexible.

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