Android Wear Comes to iOS. Any Takers?

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Jul 6, 2002
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Well, that was unexpected... Yesterday Google announced Android Wear for iOS.

Okay, maybe not entirely unexpected... Android Police has maintained that the Amazon listing for the forthcoming Huawei Watch—which indicates iOS support—was not an error. Turns out they were right, yet again. I just can't for the life of me figure out why Apple would have the slightest interest in supporting Android Wear, especially amid reports that its own wearable isn't doing so well.

And yet here we are, with a Wear app listing in the AppStore and full support for the LG Watch Urbane, along with all future hardware releases. The currently-discounted first-gen Moto 360 will also work with iOS, provided you have the latest software on-board.

As to be expected, there are a few gotchas, as Dieter Bohn explains in this Verge video:

But if nothing else, it seems like Google may have just put Pebble out of business.


I do realize that smartwatches are still very much a niche category, but I'm genuinely curious: would any iPhone users reading this be willing to go slumming with Android Wear? ;)


huh? android smartphone can be used for iphone? I wonder if they are perfect in pair or not?
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the apple watch looks more high end (but it does have the price to match)
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Is this supposed to make it fully functional like an Apple Watch. Take and make calls? Send a receive texts by voice? Even read texts out loud like Apple Watch does?
Those things look hideous…

It is cool that it appears to be able to make and receive calls though. Wasn’t expecting calls to work.

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