Any tricks to add bands to Samsung phones?

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Suppose someone gave me a phone like the Galaxy Grand Prime (G530T). This phone's only international bands are GSM 900 & 1800. It won't work in Japan, Singapore or S. Korea and will not have access to 3G or LTE in most countries. Assuming that I have no fear of bricking a phone, is there a way to enable any missing bands in this phone or other Samsung phones?
I don't think you can "add" frequency bands to a phone. They are either already installed in the phone hardware or they aren't there at all.
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I've read something about the Qualcomm chips having the bands but that they are blocked in firmware and can be activated by editing the firmware.
Try checking the XDA_Developer web site. Might find some useful information there. Good luck and best wishes......
Old thread, but if the model supports more bands than is activated for the market it was intended for, you can enable them by editing the phone's NV values. If the phone doesn't support the bands, it's theoretically possible to tune the antennas to pick up an adjacent frequency. A phone that supports Band 8 (900) and Band 20 (800) over FDD should be able to pick up Band 5 (850). The modulation is controlled by Frequency Lock in a Service Menu, but you can't input a value lower or higher than the range of values for EARFCN. But, I've never read of somebody successfully tuning the antenna.