Anyone have a Tracfone referral code I can use?

I have received multiple people's referral codes but none work. Any idea what's going on? I enter all caps with hyphen in the middle and I get the message 'The code you entered is invalid! Please try again'. I activated my phone today and then joined the Rewards. I don't understand why it isn't accepting a referral code.

Thanks though to those that sent a code.
Thanks everyone. I have enough codes to try. It's not the codes that are not working but for some reason my acct. I am in the Tracfone app. and in Rewards. I'm on the phone with Tracfone now. I hate them. I've been hung up on many times. If they don't know how to help, they just disconnect from you. So frustrating.

ETA: Finally got some help. They don't know why my acct is not accepting referral codes. They barely understand what a referral code is. I had to go in depth to explain it to them....everyone I talked to. Do they not know about someone referring you and their codes? Wow.

Finally got to a VAS dept? Again I had to explain what a referral code was. After being on the phone for half hour, he just added 50,000 points to my acct so no one's referral was added. I am so sorry. I asked which referral code he used and he said he added points manually because my acct wasn't working properly.

I swore after I used Net10 briefly, that I would never go back but this isn't my primary phone but one I bought for someone else that didn't use it so I use it just for Swagbucks. I just figured I'd activate it since I have a plan on it and thought maybe I could make some good points by activating it. I was thinking the points were 80000 but that expired.

Tracfone, net 10, etc has the WORST customer service ever...horrible. It's as if all customer service people were just picked off the street with no knowledge at all.

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50,000 or 5,000 ? If 50,000 you hit the BIG jackpot.

I bet he meant 5000 cause he mentioned it used to be 80K when in fact it was 8K at the top tier. Also, the reps never seem to be able to add more than 6000 in a transaction and I can't imagine a TF rep really fooling around doing 9 transactions :hehehe: