Anyone interested in testing my forthcoming apps?

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Mar 9, 2004
I have a developer account, though I'm a new app developer and I'm just trying to learn my way around Xcode and programming now. I hope to have my first App Store release later this summer. The $99 was hard for me to front, and I'd be willing to add people who can help me out with my development to my UDID list. This could include tossing me some amount of money by PayPal (though I want to make clear - I'm NOT going to SELL slots. Just help out people who help me, and donating some money to this would help me a ton to recoup my dev account cost - but I have no price or anything), or - even better - being willing to help me test my applications and give me feedback actively. PM me if you could help me out in either way, and I'd greatly appreciate anything you can do for me to help me start developing. Oh, and if someone has sample code of a travel guide application they'd be willing to give me and the rights to modify and use that sample code freely - well I'd love you insanely tons and tons!!!

P.S. I just realized this might be seen as selling something and against the rules. If the mods see it as such, know I don't mean to sell anything, and I'm not going to ask anyone for a price (again, non-monetary help is even better!), but if you want to delete it or edit out the PayPal reference, I totally understand since I'm not 100% sure it's okay - but I am 95% or I wouldn't post it :)
^ well then .. what kind of testing do you require?
location data
testing the apps advertised or intended features?
trying to crash it and break it?

details my friend details.
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Testing that it works, doesn't crash, makes sense, is grammatically okay, all of that once I get it together...
BTW, what i'm working on is a travel guide for Northwest Montana... in case anyone's interested in knowing the project before they say "yeah, I'll try it out for ya!"
I could defiantly test it out for you, for crashes and such, I probably won't be traveling to NW Montana for field testing anytime soon though. ;)
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