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Has rogers stopped offering better deals to try and retain customers at this point?
They no longer care if we stay or go

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Yes i second that. I called rogers to get a better deal after entering the 3rd year of contract but they did not wish to give any.
Why is this?
Does anyone know why they dont care?

Rogers only wants 'high value' clients. $70+. The rest can pound sand.
I think some one at Rogers has the interest to let down the company. Who knows? Business is business perhaps they think with fido and chatr tgey make big money and keep only high payment contract to Rogers. It is just a guess.
You dont need retention just pay the price you should be paying.
They just don't offer retention deals anymore. At least not good ones that I'm aware of

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You dont need retention just pay the price you should be paying.

Why on earth would I want to do that?

I have 30% off of my full TV packages, which include a lot and I negotiated a deal whereby for 8 years, yes, 8 years, which has been verfified by the CRTC and Rogers has on my account, that i pay only $43 for my internet cable and they cannot attempt under any conditions, short of my okaying it, that the price can go up.
They tried once and the CRTC stepped in and the price went right back down and I, as well as others that had negotiated the same deal, were returned money.

If you are unable to negotiate well, thats your cross to bear but if I cant get the price I want, then I walk, which I will be doing tomorrow morning after paying up this month. (with regards to my mobile so they lose $172 monthly)

I am not interested in paying $118 for a phone I barely use to make phone calls with, nor even hit 1 gig of my allocated 6 gigs.
Feel free to pay your bill in full but i prefer to negotiate.

That said?
My belief about retentions, or the lack thereof these days is due to the high number of canadians cutting their cord to TV and the money Rogers is losing in the meantime.
The landscape is changing and I suspect in 20 years none of us will get our TV through the methods we use now so I suspect Rogers, Bell, etc, are maximising the mobile area of their business as much as possible.

They negotiate well on the rest if you know what to say, partly I suspect because they are just trying to hold onto as many as they can in the meantime .

Edit: Plus, they cant negotiate with Wind and other companies such as that offering unlimited cable for $35 monthly There are many out there like myself that try to make as few phone calls as possible.
I consider phone calls an intrusion and much prefer people text message me, and I in return.
Regardless of the lowered quality of Wind these days, people would prefer to pay $35 and lose the odd dropped call than pay $118 and not miss any ;)

I phoned yesterday to cancel one of my phones.
I have 2.
A One Plus One phone which I pay $95 a month on. Its a shared 6 gig plan and the second phone is an iphone 5 which I paid $55.

The iphone 5 would be owned outright one year from now, July 2016. It was one of the last 3 year plans.
The One Plus One is my own phone but on an old 2 year contract I had a phone, which I sold and am just paying off monthly until November of this year.

A few weeks ago when the CRTC killed the pay out charges on phones owed, whatever was left on the iPhone is now zero owed and $110 i would owe on the main line, the One Plus one at $95 per month if i left and had to pay the flex tab on it

So I was going to take the One Plus One, the main phone and go to Wind. Tried to pay off my flex tab on that phone which was just $106 as Wind told me to do but naturally they put me through to "retentions" and they tried to give me better deals, none of which appealed to me but on the last point she did mention that my good deals on internet and TV could be affected.

That wasn't actually true. They were originally made apart from the 2 cell phones but when I got off the phone, I KNEW Rogers would pull something and there would be a fight, invariably that i would likely win but I so hate dealing with them and their trickery every time so I gave it more thought as she did offer me a deal. Only when I thought about it further, considered everything, including the cost of taking both phones from Rogers to Wind, paying off flex tab on one etc, did it make sense to stay with Rogers.
That was partly pushed because the moment I would have taken my One Plus One phone away, the $55 phone would have jumped up to $60 or $65 so every way I went the savings became lower and lower but not low enough it was worth switching to an inferior system such as Wind.

In the end, they gave me the iphone for $20 less, at $35 and my One Plus One for $79 so i am saving $36 a month with this deal. And I still maintain the shared 6 gigs.
Had I wanted to share only 1 gig, i could have brought my phone further down $19 more dollars to $60 and the iphone would have stayed at $35 but I want the shared 6 gigs

Ideally for me I am working at home now and just don't need this second phone but at least with that much off monthly I don't mind it.

In any event.....just letting people know that you can still get "some" deals if you do make them believe you are leaving for Wind or someone else far less than they can compete with. At that point they will give you the best deal they can.

Its now referred to as the "Loyalty Shareable 6GB-Bring Your Own "....even though, the iPhone wouldn't have been my own until one year from now, although they cancelled the flex tab on that due to the CRTC so a year early its considered our own, and my phone, not my own until November of this year but technically as far as they are concerned, they are both more or less owned for all I would have had to pay on mine was $110
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In the end, they gave me the iphone for $20 less, at $35 and my One Plus One for $79 so i am saving $36 a month with this deal. And I still maintain the shared 6 gigs.
Had I wanted to share only 1 gig, i could have brought my phone further down $19 more dollars to $60 and the iphone would have stayed at $35 but I want the shared 6 gigs

So let me see if I understand this properly, you got this deal: $79 base for the main line and then $35 for the second shared line?
Yes, for a 6 gig shared plan.....Just to reiterate I am now paying $79 instead of $95 and $35 instead of $55......but only paying $35 because that phone is on a shared plan.
If the iphone were on its own only, then no, they never would have given me the $35 price but shared, yes, $79 and $35

Let me see if I can take a screenshot and post it for you of the receipt, minus my name, etc
cant show a big version here for some reason but here it is

And for the sake of complete info if i may ask, what is included in $79.?
I changed this late last night and got the receipt, shown above right away by email. I just looked and the details at my page has not yet been updated. I will keep my eyes on it today and as soon as it is, I shall update that information here.
But at no time on the phone call did we talk of any changes. I say that as someone that negotiates yearly with Rogers and is well conditioned to listen to every word uttered to me as I am more than aware of how they trick people with the terminology used, or lack thereof.
As a former legal assistant, I am well aware of the nuances used by Rogers :)

Therefore, at this point in time, I do not believe there should be any changes other than the price. If any are made of any consequence, I will fight it but they also know that I will so I really don't believe this will change in any aspect.
Also be aware that I never asked for any added features as I do not use my phone for business. Therefore, my understanding of the packaged details are that these are basic package details.

ShareEverything 6GB-Smtph ....Android One Plus One phone attached to these details....

(Listed beside the Main Phone that was $95, now $79, that was from a 2 year plan. I still owe $110 on this plan for my flextab IF i decide to leave early. This phone plan would have ended on November 31, 2015)

Unlimited Shared Minutes
Unlimited Eve & Wknd Minutes

Between Us Calling
Billed Usage-Invoice Details
Unltd Shared Canadian LD Mins Unltd Shared Text/Pic/Video
Call Forwarding/Call Transfer
Call Display
6GB Shared Data
Unltd Nationwide Video Call

VOICEMAIL not included

ShareEverything 6GB-Smtph ...iPhone 5 attached to these details...

(Listed beside the iPhone 5 that was $55, now $35, that was from a 3 year plan. No flextab owed on this phone. This phone plan would have ended July, 2016)

Unlimited Eve & Wknd Minutes
Unlimited Shared Minutes

Call Forwarding/Call Transfer
Billed Usage-Invoice Details
Rogers One Number Cdn LD
Rogers One Number Cdn Video
Rogers One Number Cdn Text
Rogers One Number Cdn Pic/Vid
Call Display Unltd Shared Text/Pic/Video
Unltd Shared Canadian LD Mins
Between Us Calling
LTE Shared Internet
Unltd Nationwide Video Call

VOICEMAIL not included

As stated, I shall update this with new details IF any, or at least let u know if they remain exactly the same, aside from the pricing, once Rogers updates my page. As of this moment, my old prices are still reflected but according to the email they sent to me, it all changed last night.
I saw this before, where they did not update the page for 1-2 days afterwards.
And for the sake of complete info if i may ask, what is included in $79.?

Be aware that this deal was offered to me as I have TWO phones. I cannot promise you that you would receive this for one phone only. In fact, I would be inclined to believe you would not and would only be able to receive if you do have two phones on a shared 6 gig plan.

Just as, IF i took away my $79 phone and had only the iPhone/$35 phone remaining, not only would I NOT have received a $35 deal for it, it would have gone up from $55 to either $60 or $65. I believe it would have been $60.

So dont feel you can negotiate for this same deal with one phone only.


IF you do have only the one $95 phone and wish to save yourself $15, and haven't done so already, all you need to do is phone Rogers and tell them you wish to pay your full flex tab so you own ur phone outright at that point as you wish to pay less for your phone and move elsewhere.
You just tell them that you need to know the full amount so you can pay it off. Dont ask, dont make it sound as if you are asking so as to see if you can afford to pay it for they might not offer you a better deal if they think you are just enquiring for the sake of curiosity. They need to know that you just want to know the amount, so you can pay it off and go join whoever u wish to join.

If they ask you where you are going, just say you aren't sure yet. Once they hear Wind, depending on the person you are speaking to, they will either offer you a deal or give up for they really can't compete with Wind. Someone else might find it different but for myself, I have always felt it was best not to give them too much information unless i feel it is best to do so. But that's just my opinion with regards to that.

They will usually then suggest a lower price, but taking away your gigs IF you have a good number of gigs, at which point you say, no, sorry, I am not willing to give up my data gigs as I can easily get unlimited where I might be going.

At that point they will offer you a years worth of $15 a month off your phone and you will pay $80.
At the end of that year it will automatically go back to $95 and they will give you a story as to how they cant do it again for a second year and will once again do even more that time to strip you off your data for a lower price, but always refuse a lower data plan for thats how they get you.
They give people lower data and then many go over their limit and pay much more.
So never give up data even if you dont use it for you don't know 3 months from now if your habits might change.

At which point I would just say again that i can get a better deal elsewhere and I see no reason to pay $95....they won't let you out the door without at least trying to give you that $15 credit ALTHOUGH i never look a year ahead for by then there might be something else going on and even potentially better so you worry about that at that time.

For now, just get your $15 monthly saved.

I have a couple of people that write to me each year before renewal and ask me what to say. From my experience, I believe people that don't have Rogers offer them good deals aren't good liars, feel guilty and instead of sounding firm about it as someone really would sound as if this was really what they intend to do, the person doesn't tell them this is what they need, that being the flex tab amounts so they can pay it off but will ask them.....just tell them what you want, politely and be firm.
Last night, just for example, when she began to offer me a deal I politely cut her off and said, thanks but really, you don't need to waste your time, I have already planned to leave and I know that you cant possibly match the deal I can get elsewhere. At no point was I rude but just came across as someone that knew what they wanted and was only trying to do her/him a favour by letting them know that they didn't have to waste their time giving me the sales pitch..nicely of course..NEVER rudely.

Thats how I always deal with it and always get what i want.
Last night though I really wasn't interested in hearing her deals. I really was leaving.
It was only after thanking her for her help and saying goodbye and then thinking of it about 30 min later that I started to account for everything, even such as the $25 per phone per Sim card it costs to join Wind. Once i began doing that, I realized that I was not making enough of a savings after all of it, to take the risk of going to a service that could drop my calls or, worse, not work inside my home.

At that point i called back and what had been offered, naturally, was on the file so I just explained that I would take it after all. That person tried to do it on her end but finally explained, that although she could see that it was ok to do so, she had to put me back to that department as her computer was not allowing her to do it for me. Fine, I went through to the next and in 2 minutes it was all done.

Easy Peasy! :) Hope that helps someone, if not you yourself :)

As expected, no changes were made other than the pricing.



I dont know if i am allowed to post this url here as it is to a different forum but if those reading this have never negotiated their plans with Rogers before, u need to do some reading of this thread.

There may very well be one here on Howard's for retention deals for TV Cable/Internet cable, but this thread is what you need to read yearly.
I don't mean the whole thread for its hundreds of pages and has been going for years but you do want to read the last 5 pages about a month before you are ready to renew your yearly pricing with regards to your Internet cable and TV.

You cannot deal with that, internet/TV at the same time you do your mobiles for when negotiating, they are considered two different areas. You deal with each one of the two separately for the best deals.

In the rfd forum its under the thread,
"rogers-cable-retentions-new-customers-deal" (being new or old doesn't matter)

I will look to see if there is one here.

EDIT: OK I see there is one here. This thread is part of it. Its just a bit different here in that there are all sorts of threads and each one is different. My preferred thread for this is the other one as it goes on for 1200 pages and has been going for years. Because there are so many changes, people just read the most recent 5 pages when they want to see what everyone not only has received but what to say and everyone thats new to it often post what they have, w hat they want and ask if they can get it and how and usually are answered. There is just a lot more on it there.
Thank you. The reason i asked details is because my daughter did not get any deal with Rogers. For me it worked out ver y well for my two lines with Fido. I do not get why Rogers and all carriers ask so much for voicemail. If you have call forward ing you my forward to a internet no or voip and is cheaper. I use fongo and freephoneline.