Anyone looking for a good WAP/XML, streaming, etc. favorites list?


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Feb 15, 2005
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I have complied a GIGANTIC! list of WAP/XML, streaming, etc. sites that go straight into your Smartphone to make it a smarter phone. Just go into the NEXTEL forum and click on the i930 subforum. The link is here:

A Noob's Guide to getting your old Favorites back into your i930

Although I made the list more or less for the i930, it should work for any phone running Windows CE/Smartphone/Mobile 2003 +.

Thought the rest of you with Smartphones in this site would enjoy. I update the list frequently and always take suggestions for more. Right now the list has 15 folders and approximately 165 sites. Everything from streaming to news.

My goal is to get a sticky out of it. No compensation. Just glory.

Post some feedback there for me if you'd like.

With appreciation,
Don [KE4QPF]

P.S.: Mod of this forum... thanks for the posting area. You can close this thread if you wish. I prefer taking my feedback over in the i930 sub-forum as I frequent the NEXTEL forums.
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No problem. Was hoping to get a sticky in the i930 forum so this thing doesn't scroll off into oblivion. Now I'm wondering if it would be a good idea here as well. I already had one post in the thread stating that "if I would have seen this I would have done it sooner" due to the forum scrolling. I always keep the links fresh and try to revise whenever something dies... unlike the other PDA Links sites that tend to be EXTREMELY STATIC and NEVER CHANGE dead links out for fresh ones.
Thanks for the backup Larry.

Newer versions are constantly posted at the thread listed above. Whenever I find something isn't quite right, I update the version. At the time of this post, a new version was released. Because it's hard to keep up with 2 threads, you'll have to keep checking in over at the i930 thread where the list was originated. I'm sure you'll find a multitude of things you wished you had when you first started with your Smartphones. Larry can testify to the amount of work I've done. Hope you all continue to enjoy. I am open to suggestions and new links. I treat this list as the forum's list. So far, I've had few submissions for new links. Either, I've done something drastically correct, or you guys haven't been able to scratch the surface of the 200 some URLs the list contains.
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Version 7.0 now released and posted

Click the link above to be taken to the new file.

Also, I've included some handy info about the new ".mobi" domain and how it's very much a farse. Seems the sponsors are keeping their old HTML sites developed for WAP/XML and saying to hell with ".mobi"s demands for ".mobi" specific sites.
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Version 8.0 has now been released. You can get it from the site posted. THIS IS NOT A SEARCH ENGINE, NOR A RANKING SERVICE. This simply places sites pre-formatted for MS Smartphones/PDAs/Mobile units into your Favorities folder, with some help on your part. Although these "Optimization" sites seem tempting, are they truly better than portals such as or that practically do the same thing without the need for some listing service that doesn't keep up with dead links??? I always stay on top of RIP sites and remove them as soon as they come to my attention, unlike listing services where things haven't changed for 10 years.

Current status: 22 folders, 265 files.
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Well, I've been expanding the operation and have version 10 released for the holidays. Hope you enjoy. Some of the links you've been using have expired (the ones run by United Mobility) so it's time to upgrade.
New Year = New Version... Version 11 Just Uploaded Today

:buddies: VERSION 11 NOW RELEASED!!! :buddies:

Ring in the new year with new favorites. This took a while to do, but it was worth it. Some would say it's Comcastic! Toast to the the new features and URLs. Many folders have been streamlined and broken down into more bite-sized chunks to eliminate some of the scrolling. There's also a brand new one that merged and older one into it. Overall, it's a thing of beauty. You'll have to flush what you have a start from scratch, just like the other left number changes. The total amount of URLs now stands at 346!!!

Follow the link above to

Download available, as always, here: i930Favorties