Anyone looking for a good WAP/XML, streaming, etc. favorites list?

I've made a few more additions over the past few weeks. Is anyone still using this? There's been no input in here for a while now. Does anyone have anything new to offer for me to add???
Just added a Space & Exploration folder to add all LIVE streaming NASA TV channels and NASA Radio Mission Audio. If anyone knows other mobile sites to expand this folder, please let me know. At this point, NASA has an iPhone app, but nothing for WinMo. There are no listed wireless sites for on their page either.
For those of you with Chase bank, they finally caved and made a mobile site to appease the WaMu customers who had one for years. No more texting to do things. You can now find the WaMu link removed and a Chase link added in the "Banking, Trading, Taxes" category. Yes, this is a secure https:// link to Chase with no funny stuff going on.
Roger, Houston; Free TV has launched!

As a holiday gift to you all, you will now find a LOT more TV channels included in the list. Many of these channels require the free Skyfire browser to parse the Flash code. If you have problems with copying the link, you can find it in the Alternative Browsers category as well as at the top of each category requiring its usage. It is pretty obvious, you won't be able to watch this stuff well in iDEN or 2G modes, but those of you with WiFi and 3G will be in for a treat.

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About Skyfire Browser said:
The best mobile browsing experience, and it's free!

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I don't know why it took me this long to find this thread, but,


This is an unbelievable find, and I appreciate your hard work keeping this current.

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You're welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

It's been a royal PITA to keep things current. TV has been the greatest challenge. I knew how to get the networks on the PC, but real Flash on a phone was a (female dog) to figure out. Then, I stumbled upon SkyFire, and things got better. Finally, a browser that could parse the heavy-laden coding of Flash. That also meant, I could get full motion video at a fraction of the bandwidth and power hogging that WMP is notorious for. Now, it's trying to find links that are not subject to downing by copyright restrictions. That's proven to be a bear, and also why many of the sports links offline themselves. Many copyright owners don't care so much about rebroadcast as it expands their range, but others are dead-set on protecting their regionalization. ARGH! It's fun though.
I've added more goodies to the list. Too many to list. Scroll through the categories and find them out.

BIGGEST ADDITION: I've added the link to the NEW Windows Phone Marketplace app to the Smartphone & PC Links category. This only works for WinPho 6.0+. Sorry, Moto i930 users, but I've still got a ton of stuff in the list for you to savor.
In a futile attempt to satisfy Android users; especially those of you who have left your i930s for i1s, your WindowsMobile 6.1-6.5s for Androids because WP7 blows, or iPhoners who hate Applegate; I have revamped the pages to make them more Android friendly. Let me know any issues you might run into. Yeah, I know needing 2 player apps for the radio streams deal sucks, but that's ClearChannel and their iHeartRadio BS for you. Everything else is happy on RadioTime's TuneIn app.