[App] Monetal. The Finance Tracker №1 . Get FREE code in three days instead of 5$

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Nov 8, 2014
Hi All,
My name is Ilya, I'm developer of Monetal. Since I got my first Lumia phone from Nokia to develop for Windows Phone instead of Symbian in 2012, I was looking for a good and fast finance tracker without complex features. Monetal is my vision of the personal finance application. It uses "tap-tap-tap" technology, which provide very fast way to add new transactions. Its about two years I use Monetal myself, contantly improving it. Today I'm pleased to present Monetal to you. I hope you'll like it. Thank you.

Monetal needs new users! So within three days anyone who post a request here, will get the activation code for FREE to unlock all features. :)


Monetal - a first finance tracker with multiple devices support for Windows Phone! Offering a clean and intuitive interface, the application makes it super easy and fun for you to track expenses, visualize and analyze data to see where your money is going.

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4.png 5.png 6.png

Monetal allows you to create several accounts for cash, credit cards, electronic money, and then log income and expenses for each account via plus and minus icons on the main screen. The process is very fast. When you’re about to pay for gasoline, for example, quickly open Monetal on the phone, click minus, type in the amount, select a tag from the list of commonly used categories, and you’ll be done before you get your change back.


Sorry, I can't put links to Marketplace, it says "You are not allowed to post any kinds of links, images or videos until you post a few times." . But you can use Search to find Monetal. Marketplace contains two versions, paid and free. As I mention above, just leave request and you will got an activation code.
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You have to download a free version. Open settings, click "Set password", and enter a code. You have to enable any payable function to open activation page. Thank you!
Hi Ilya,
Monetal is the best app i consider for personal finance in Windows Phone. Thanks a lot for providing us.
Now, i am not able to enter the code to make the trial version as full version. Just the Buy Now link is showing up.
Can you help me in making the app as full version. I have the activation code you have provided earlier.

Thank you.
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Hi, sorry for a late responce.
Please enter Settings, double tap to Settings, and enter "activate CODEHERE". That is all. Thank you for using Monetal!
It looks like a pretty nice app. Kind of reminds me of some parts of the Mint app. I'd be happy to review it on 1800PPC. :)
It looks like a pretty nice app. Kind of reminds me of some parts of the Mint app. I'd be happy to review it on 1800PPC. :)

It would be great if you can do review of Monetal. If you want an activation code just let me know.
Hello, have a great news!
The app that has gone free as myAppFree app of the day is Monetal. Monetal is one of the best Finance tracker app available on Windows Phone store and is price at $5.99 usually. Its free until 18/01/2015 00:00 (London UTC) – approx 32 hours left. Thank you!

ps.Sorry, cant post link so far. I would be happy if somebody assist me.
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