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Apple Forum Rules
» effective October 14th, 2007

In order to keep this forum running smoothly, please avoid the following (what not to post):
  • Flaming - We hold a zero tolerance policy towards flaming. Don't have something nice to say? Don't say it at all.
  • Trolling - Don't like the iPhone? That's fine. If you're going to post about your dislike for the phone, it's highly recommend you post a mature, logical reason when publicizing your distaste for the phone. Creating a thread in which you bash the iPhone for no good reason is trolling. Don't do it.
  • GSM vs. CDMA - This is not the right place to have an argument regarding CDMA vs. GSM. This forum is about Apple products. If you want to discuss broad technologies, post in the Mobile Technologies Forum.
  • Spam - This one is self-explanatory. Posting referral links, links to your website that sells iPhones, etc. will result in an immediate and permanent ban. If you encounter a spam thread or post - do not reply or otherwise engage the poster! Replying to spam does nothing but keep the thread at the top of the list, which only invites more views and additional replies. Also, spam threads are typically created by spambots, who do not care what you think. They will not come back to review your comments. The right course of action if you encounter spam is to report it and move on!
  • Moderator Critique - Moderator actions are not up for public debate. Threads/posts that are critical of Moderators will be removed. Do not post threads asking why your thread was removed. If you have a grievance with a Moderator, send that Moderator a Private Message to address your concerns and to resolve the situation.
Consider the following rules when deciding where to post:
  • New Threads - Many threads are redundant and cover (or ask about) information that has already been discussed previously. Before creating a new thread please use the search function and see whether what you're looking for has already been answered. Also, if you have new information regarding a particular topic, it's usually preferable to append an existing thread rather than to create a new one.
  • Sub-Forums - We create sub-forums for a reason. It helps to keep information better organized and more accessible. It also helps to reduce clutter in the main forum. Before creating a new thread (assuming that creating a new thread is warranted - see previous bullet), think twice whether it belongs in the main forum or an appropriate sub-forum.
  • Provider-specific Topics - This forum is about Apple phones in general. Questions and topics that are specific to a particular service provider should be posted in a forum dedicated to that provider. As a general rule of thumb, if your post is only relevant to a user in a particular country or a customer of a particular service provider (ie. involving service provider terms and conditions, procedures, and policies), you probably shouldn't post in the Apple forum. In that case, the following forums may be better suited to your needs:
These rules will be updated as necessary.

Furthermore, all the General HoFo Board Rules apply as well.

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