Are There Different Versions Of Google Fi SIM Cards?


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Oct 4, 2004
I bought a Google Fi SIM card at a Best Buy yesterday afternoon.

I tried to activate it last night, but some error codes displayed.

This morning, I was able to activate the SIM card, but the Google Fi app still states that it has not completed the activation.

I can make calls, texts and data.

What can I not do right now, since the Google Fi app isn't fully activated?

The Customer Support Representative said that I bought an old SIM card and that I need a new Google Fi SIM card. What is different about the new SIMK cards?

Also, he said that I can buy another one at a local retailer or get one sent to me. If I stop by a retailer, how can I tell if it is the newest SIM card?

We are leaving tomorrow for a week long cruise and hope/hoped to have service in the Caribbean. If the service works here, is it likely to work in the Caribbean, assuming that the device has the property bands, etc?
If you have data here, you should be able to get data there. It will partially depend on the phone you are using and the radios in it, compared to what is available there. I'm not sure if deleting and redownloading the app will help or not.

I just asked a Fi rep via chat about new sim card and was told that there is no "official information" regarding new sim cards at this time.