AT&T AT&T 4G HSPA+/LTE Speedtests!

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LTE at school today. 10x10 B17. Usually doesn't pull above 1 Mbps in either direction.
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I've been on Michigan avenue in Chicago for the better part of the day and have been comparing T-Mo to AT&T and have found less discrepancy in speed than I thought I would. AT&T has been consistently in the 20mbps range indoors in various places and T-Mo in the upper single digits to low 20mbps range in those same spots, and not losing signal anywhere.
Speed last night.

Question-- if you got this type of speed almost all the time would you keep AT&T? I get 20-25mbps down at 3-4am but that's it.

Those are close to the appends I have been getting in my house lately.



Yes it is noticeable, checking e-mail (if a lot of e-mails come in) or you need to load up a large website, it can take a bit due to the low throughput over the link. T-Mobile was so much faster (consistently 20-30mbps down, 10-20mbps+ up), but they weren't reliable (in my area). Verizon is typically 4-5x faster (8-12mbps down, 1-5 mbps up) but they don't have Wifi calling yet and in the building where I work both AT&T and Verizon get -114 and -115 so Wifi calling is pretty much a necessity. Also, T-Mobile gets -75 to -80 LTE where I work (there must be a T-Mobile local tower nearby). Even with 5 bars though on T-Mobile there have been times where I have not been able to make a call.

Verizon should be adding support for iPhones later this year, should be soon as they were quoted as mentioning early 2016. I am told the support will come in iOS 9.3.
I'm on GoPhone so no carrier aggregation, phone doesn't support it either. I can't see the bandwidth so I'm assuming 15x15.

GoPhone supports carrier aggregation.
Back in the car and on Clark street heading south AT&T starting blowing the doors off T-Mobile. I was consistently getting in the 40s-60s for blocks. One test topped at 68 mbps. T-Mo was around 5-10 simultaneous as at&t hitting the 60s.
6 MILES? that must be a clear line of sight. and Band 2 is at the same dBm mine is at and I'm connected to a cell on the other side of a college campus.

haha I can get 4 Bars of LTE with a plain line of sight in Yoder, CO and the tower is at Calhan, CO 15 miles away

Here were the speedtests when I was there a few months ago. It could have been CA? the tower was spitting Band 2 and Band 17. I just don't know if it was CA or not. The tower was on a hill 15 miles away though it was on Band 17 10x10.
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