Best europe roaming SIM data deal?

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I am on vacation in Spain and prepaid data here is dirt cheap. I bought a Prepaid SIM with 3 GB/month for 5 euros. Bigger options are dirt cheap, I just don’t need more. Excellent coverage everywhere.

Name of company, label on SIM card?
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As far as topping-up the Vodafone prepaid UK sim card loaded with a Big Value Bundle, can you not purchase a prepaid credit card (ie. VISA or Mastercard) in the UK and use that for topping-up?
I just find that whenever in Europe, i just buy a (3) 12GB sim off for $25. Pop it into my hotspot and hit the ground running when I land, Will Never use the 12GB and using the hotspot means I can VoWifi on my home numbers (2 phones in airplane mode with wifi on) without any issue.

3 has quite an extensive country list in Europe. And $25 is a small part of all the money spent to go on holiday.