Blackberry with t-zones


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Feb 12, 2005
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I have a quick silly question about data plans. I am soon to inherit a Blackberry Tour from a friend on Cellular South, who by the way does not SIM lock their Tours, but I only tested briefly the SIM unlock in the handset. I have the 4.99 t-zones on my account. I don't need or want BIS/BES for email. If I just pop my SIM in, will normal data work, or does all traffic get routed to the BIS/BES and effectively I have a really nice SMS device? Thanks
Not sure on the Tour, but I've used the 8900 Javelin for ~19 months on T-Zones. Google voice, google maps, opera and bolt web browsing, tethering.... all work fine. Integrated email/blackberry services don't but I never needed them.

Keyboard and screen started acting up on Saturday and I'm trying to decide what to replace it with. :(
You would need to specifiy model of Tour (eg the 9630 would def not work on TMo, even if unlocked)