BlackBerry Z10 WiFi Calling

Mann Incognito

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Apr 13, 2011
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I know WiFi calling is not going to be available on the Z10 on release but I was told that it would be available after launch, perhaps in the first OS update. Since then I can't get anyone in T-Mobile to give me a straight answer, does anyone here have any idea what's going on? Is it going to be available on the Z10 and if so when?

Wouldn't this need to be built directly into the phone? I don't think that an OS update would add this. That would mean that an AT&T branded 9700 would be able to utilize UMA with a 9700 OS upgrade. It doesn't work that way.
UMA is basically a software feature Heavy Fluid, so yes, it does work that way. Now, whether it'll come for the Z10 - I don't believe that's been announced.
Thanks for your replies, folks. I've had it confirmed that WiFi calling will be available on the Z10 but not in time for the next update but probably the one after that. Seems odd as AT&T were able to launch it right off the bat.
Mann, can you elaborate regarding who confirmed the Z10 on T-Mobile will eventually get WiFi Calling?

I have not been able to get any definitive answer on this and would like to make sure it's coming before I take the plunge and leave my trusty Bold with UMA behind.

I thought T-Mobile's WiFi calling ran on IMS now, not UMA. Anyone care to explain this to me?
Bumping this thread, because I don't want to start a new one. Can anyone with a Z10 confirm that Wi-Fi calling works with 10.1 MR. I've heard that it does, but haven't gotten any actual confirmation and the website still says that it doesn't support Wi-Fi calling. This would really help me to make a decision. Thanks.
This may be old news but I needed to add my 2 cents. With the first software release 10.1 wifi calling was not installed then with the first update you could down load the app from blackberry in the t-mobile specific center (its still there), however it was buggy and not everybody got it to work. I was one of those. I made numerous calls to T-MO with little help and no one ever told me to update the firmware in my router. Once I figured that out for myself I finally got it stable. Now with update to 10.2 WiFi is bundled and it works well although don't expect it to handoff to cell towers once you are out of range of the WiFi signal. For some reason it doesn't work that way.