Audio Related: Bluetooth 5.0 shower speaker


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Jan 28, 2007
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Hello. I go on many forums and never get any sort of advice so it's possible my holy grail simply doesn't exist. But let me try again here...

I'm shopping for a Bluetooth shower speaker, size and sound quality doesn't really matter. What I DO require is:

1) Bluetooth 5.0, and

2) 30 or 60-second "commercial" skip on the unit.

I listen to podcasts in the shower and frequently inundated with many chatty ads in between content. My current Aukey unit is able to skip forwards/backwards 30 seconds with a quick press of the "+" or "-" button on the speaker box. Sadly, the battery is beginning to wane and I'd like to upgrade to a new speaker with the latest Bluetooth.

Appreciate any recommendations. Thank you!