Bluetooth headset microphone not working


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May 12, 2003
Hardware: Motorola H17 BT headset
Android version: 4.5.602 rooted
Phone: Droid X

Recently this headset has developed a problem in that the microphone doesn't seem to be working. Sometimes the receiving party hears a distorted buzzing sound but can't make out what is being said, but sometimes they hear nothing. Thinking the problem was a hardware failure on the headset, I bought a new headset. The problem still exists.

Actions I've taken: (1) I am able to use the headset on an iPhone. (2) Unpaired and deleted the headset and re-paired the headset to the phone. (3) I've connected a different BT headset to the Droid X, and it works fine (4) I've deleted the contents of data/misc/bluetoothd folder which deletes all BT devices.

Since this phone is rooted, please don't suggest doing a factory reset unless you know this will solve the problem.

This headset has worked before recently on the same hardware and Android version. It almost seems like there is a corrupt file somewhere that needs to be deleted, but I don't know what that might me.

Edit: This is getting stranger all the time. The BT mic issue is only on phone calls. The mic works when recording voice memos on the phone.