Boost active line not working


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May 1, 2022
My son just returned from studying abroad. His Boost SIM has been in his locked iPhone the entire time, while he used a different device with an international eSIM. Upon returning to the US, he received a few messages when starting up the phone. First it said no SIM available, then the it said SIM card failure. After a couple of hours, it started working for about a day. And I can tell from the usage meter (which recently reappeared) that he used about 1/2 GB. But now today, the phone says SOS only. He has restarted several times with no success.

Customer service says the account shows active service and recommended removing and reinserting the SIM, along with doing a reset of network settings. If that doesn't work, anyone have more ideas? From what I am googling, it sounds like he might need a SIM replacement. Is there any way to confirm that? Thanks for any advice or similar experiences.
Yes, you need a new simcard or set up esim if the phone is capable. Is the phone lock to boost mobile?
Yes, you need a new simcard or set up esim if the phone is capable. Is the phone lock to boost mobile?
Thank you. Yes, unfortunately locked for 3 more days. The agent said moving the service to eSIM should not affect the unlock.
Just to close this out. The agent transferred the service from the failed physical SIM to the eSIM, and the phone is now working. Much more efficient than waiting for a new SIM in the mail, thanks! Hopefully, it will auto unlock on the 16th as expected.
That's great. You need to request the unlock through customer service, there is no auto unlock. Unless it changed recently.
Ok, thanks. There were reports on SlickDeals that some of the iPhone 12 devices unlocked automatically. After the agent activated the eSIM, I received an email about a device swap so I suspect mine won't do it automatically.
That is so strange! I have a Motorola 5G device that did EXACTLY the same thing.
It kept booting the SIM off and saying NO SIM, so I would remove it, clean it, re-insert it and it would work and I would see some strange ping ponging on the network arrows and it would vanish again, then the SIM destroyed itself and now the SIM does not even register in any phone, it thinks there is no SIM inserted.

I assumed it was REMOTELY deactivated, but since it is happening to random customers on their network maybe it's a zero day exploit that is floating around?

Not sure about the motivations of someone disabling peoples SIM cards permanently, like why would Boost do that?
It's either someone doing it intentionally or something is very wrong with hardware standards now.
there is a bad batch of Boost SIM cards in circulation, i'm seeing one or two week at my stores recently