BST RULES: (On Limits, Bans, eBay, Services, Tickets, Scams, Replying to posts, etc.)

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Jan 14, 2005
By using this free service you recognize that the Administration,, can in no way be held liable for the accuracy of statements made by users of the service, or any claims arising from transactions made by users of the service.

These rules are subject to change without notice. Threads may be moved, removed or edited without warning. Bans will be issued without prior notification when rules are broken.
If your thread disappears or you get banned, review the rules to see why this has happened. Reposting identical content will just result in another ban, so please revisit it before posting again.

Longtime members, current or former moderators are not exempt from these rules, so please play fair.


You are NOT allowed to:

create multiple threads for the same item. Bump an existing thread for it after 24 hours.
cross-post within the BST forums for the same item(s)
sell items on behalf of others or sell items not in your possession
post links to your auction in eBay or sell an item in the form of an auction
include links to an external site where you're selling your goods, be it in your BST post or in your signature
include a FS listing in your signature that's not linked to an actual Howard Forums BST thread
sell, buy or "rent out" phone plans that cannot be transferred to another person's name (e.g., CityFido); or to sell account credits, points or vouchers related to such credits
sell more than two (2) brand new phones or five (5) used phones within a 30-day period, or more than five (5) pieces of the same product, be it clothing, computer related items, car parts/accessories, etc.
sell or seek items in bulk; the BST forum is for personal use only, not a place for you to run your business
sell illegal items including but not limited to: pirated, burned or "backup" software, games, movies, music, fakes/replicas/novelty ID
sell any form of hazardous materials, weapons such as guns, knives, even decorative or collector's stuff like swords (this includes replicas of weapons or paint guns)
sell pornography or sexually explicit materials
sell alcohol-, drug-, or tobacco-related products
offer or seek services (unlocking services or devices, phone or game console modding, Internet hosting, computer troubleshooting, etc.)
sell tickets in any form: any commercially ticketed event such as sporting events, tickets to theme parks, concerts, etc. Scalping is an illegal activity and Howard Forums would be liable for any damages sought in a case involving the resale of tickets.
sell lotteries or any form of gambling activities

You are REQUIRED to:
post an absolute selling price for all items (please include the currency and location)
keep your threads consolidated instead of creating one for each item you're selling or creating a new post instead of bumping an existing one

Other things to note:
You are not able to reply to someone else's BST thread. Only the original poster may reply to his/her own thread.
Flaming or disrespecting moderators publicly or privately will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.
If a member's PM box is full, or if your PM box is full, do not post a notification in this forum.
You have two hours to edit your thread. After this period, you will have to wait until you are able to bump your thread and post the correction (which is after 24 hours)
To avoid any difficulties or disputes down the road, please be very accurate in your post. Here is a sample of what information needs to be posted:
Price (and Currency):
Accessories included:
Additional details:

Please practice BST wisely. Be sure to read the following useful links:

Tips for a Safe BST Transaction

The Howard Forums Hall of Shame (List of Scammers)

The Fraud Forum - keep informed of current scams happening around you.

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