Can Dish get it together, maybe? International roaming and other features.

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Since T-Mobile has raised our rate by $10, contrary to former promises to never do that. I've been looking at Dish's Boost Infinite. It's still not altogether and the options are a bit wonky. International roaming is rather limited, but it's a start. I may give them a try for a month to see how well they work.
Definitely do the 30-day trial; it's been quite the dumpster fire. They'll give your money back (or not charge, depending) if you cancel within 30 days and explicitly invoke the money back guarantee (some reps don't seem to be aware of it, or conveniently forget).
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Are you bringing your own unlocked phones ? If so maybe consider going the prepaid route with Boost Mobile very similar priced $ 25 w/Autopay plan. Unless you will be using the limited international roaming there is really no reason to go postpaid route on Infinite versus prepaid. Also if using compatible handsets you are far more likely to have access to the DISH 5G network on the prepaid side of things, seems the majority of Infinite customers are being placed on T-Mobile MVNO SIM's instead of the Rainbow SIM's even in launched markets and using compatible handsets.

Also FYI sometime later this year the two brands(Boost Mobile and Boost Infinite) will be merging into a single brand with Infinite essentially becoming a phone financing option within the unified brand.
I don't know why they just don't use Dish Wireless Branding

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I don't know why they just don't use Dish Wireless Branding

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I've wondered that myself. I think it's a cooler and more appropriate name for the segment than Boost.