Can I upgrade to the unlimited+hotspot and then downgrade as needed


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Sep 4, 2008
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I only need a hotspot occasionally and usually only for a short period of time (for instance I'm thinking I'd like to have it this weekend as the hurricane approaches) so it doesn't really make sense for me to sign up for the Unlimited+Hotspot plan on a monthly basis. However, I was wondering if I could upgrade to the Unlimited+Hotspot plan, get the hotspot function for the rest of my month and then drop back before my next renewal date. If I do this does it take effect immediately and would it be a prorated charge of the difference between my current plan and the Unlimited+Hotspot? Could I drop back immediately and keep the hotspot function until the end of my billing cycle? I know they have a one-time hotspot option but it is $10 and the difference between my current plan and the Unlimited+Hotspot is $7.

Any insight into this idea would be appreciated. Thanks.
Yes. This is what I do when I travel to Canada or Mexico. I'm usually on the $30 plan just to keep the line/number active. The upgrade is effective immediately and will be prorated for the rest of the current billing cycle, so you either have to make a payment or have extra credit on the account.

The only limit is you can only up/down-grade twice per monthly cycle, so can be bothersome if you only need short usage, as some times you have to wait for the next billing cycle to downgrade.

The other solution is to find one of those hotspotting apps if you only need that functionality for a few days like PdaNet or Netshare. Also, make sure your phone is on the allowed to hotspot list.