Verizon Can I use Droid 3 on METROPCS?


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Jul 2, 2016
I'm thinking of getting the Motorola Droid 3, I read that 3G phones are already unlocked, if so will the Droid 3 be used by other GSM carriers? If so does it work on MetroPCS? Thanks.
Is the 3G GSM/UMTS functionality of this device unlocked? I'm pretty sure phones from this era were 3G CDMA "unlocked" (that basically means nothing), but where 3G UMTS locked against domestic carriers. I think it is GSM unlocked for international carriers.
This phone was released before Verizon cut a deal with the FCC to pre unlock the gsm modes of phones that have them. What I did with mine is buy a cheap ebay unlock code to get it on gsm.

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