Changing carriers

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Jan 23, 2005
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Are there any issues with changing carriers with the LTE Watches?

For instance, if buy for use on T-Mobile, then decide to switch to either ATT or Verizon. Or vise versa.

In other words, do any of the carriers block usage if the eSIM has been used on another carrier?

A lot of folks get these two fixed up, but unlike the Apple SIM, the eSIM can't be "blocked" by a single carrier. It's got enough storage for like 10 different carrier provisioning profiles.

On the latest iOS 12.1 update on the iPhone XS that I have, there is an option for me to add a second eSIM profile to the Apple Watch. The problem of course my second carrier doesn't support the Apple Watch, but what I imagine if lets say I have AT&T setup on my watch, I now add a Verizon SIM to my phone, I can add a second Verizon profile to my Apple Watch. So if I want to switch profiles, I just choose the one I want to use on my iPhone in the Watch app.
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