Chat specialists for sales are awful


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Sep 13, 2014
I’m surprised Apple employs workers for Chat specialist sales who are incapable of doing anything and with poor knowledge levels of their products and sales/inventory management. All they know how to do is redirect you to prewritten scripts or content.

I asked a few questions about trade in and they just posted the same prewritten info and I asked if I could trade in store instead and they said I could. Seems like the online pickup option pre requests a tradein kit to be mailed as per others but rep never mentioned this. I didn’t order anything yet so I wasn’t affected by any issues.

Then when I asked about inventory and was told one was in stock but not the right color , the wrong model was put in the online shared bag after I asked which store since I saw different info on the online system. I point out the wrong model and was sent a new shared
Bag with 2 of the same wrong model devices. I don’t know if this employee was just messing up or just hoping a customer wouldn’t look at the bag before they confirmed purchase.

Then he asks if I would like a survey, I said sure and got link and filled it out with my experience. I wonder if the higher ups read it or not. Will still buy Apple products but they seem to be spending too much on wasteful employees like this when it could be automated with AI.
I was dealing with a different company and was reminded of the advice to call, mail or go in person when you aren’t getting the results you need.

Some companies expect basically an AI bot to the chat and then maybe an entry level employee to compliment the AI bot. It’s not the employee’s fault as they are not put on a path of success. They aren’t given the resources, training, systems to log in, path of escalation, needed to resolve complex requests. Some companies might limit chat support because of fraud potential or inability to transmit sensitive account information. Others chat just tells you to call in when it gets too complex.

On the contrary other companies excels at chat support, like US Mobile and Amazon.They embrace it as part of their business model.

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The "geniuses " are MORONS . without a serial number they get a blue screen of death in their eyes and their scripts. Me : hi I want to buy a LEFt pod for the airpod PRO 2nd gen. GENIUS "we need the serial number " I just want to buy one , not get warranty. duh then they crasdh and can't help. it's like they want your car VIN number to sell you gasoline ...............