Chatr blocking Paypal's shortcode SMS messages - pretty much can't use Paypal at all!

Crazy Serb

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Feb 3, 2003
Just found from Paypal, and now confirmed with Chatr that they are now blocking Paypal's shortcode text messages they are sending out for confirmations and verification of any account changes.

And guess what - Chatr's answer to "well, what can we do about this" is "pretty much nothing".

And Paypal doesn't send verification in any other way but via SMS now.

So... in conclusion, somehow, overnight, Chatr started blocking incoming SMS messages from that code and now anyone using Paypal on Chatr is screwed.

As in, their suggestion, flat out, was "you can try switching to another provider".


Are you kidding me?

How can anyone take this company even semi-seriously after this is beyond me...
I assume you can use an email confirmation or something though?

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If Paypal is truly concerned, they will make a work-a-round to resolve this. Sorry to hear that you aren't getting a reasonable solution yet. Let us know if it does get resolved somehow.