Clicks for iPhone brings a REAL keyboard back to smartphones!

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There is now another new option for former users of BlackBerry and other keyboard-equipped smartphones. If you've switched over to an iPhone after the death of BlackBerry and most other keyboard phones, you can now add a physical QWERTY keyboard case to your phone with the brand-new Clicks for iPhone, a product that has been developed by a team headed up by CrackBerry Kevin and Mr. Mobile, along with various experts in the art of making smartphone keyboards, including some former Apple employees!

More details can be found in the following article and YouTube videos:

To enjoy this new device, you'll need to have an iPhone 14 or 15 device. Older models are not going to work with it, at least not at the present time.

There are also plans to expand this out to other devices in the future, including other models of iPhone and even Android devices. :cool:

Please note that this is NOT based on BlackBerry's keyboard layout, but rather the iOS on-screen keyboard layout, so it's optimized for iPhone users that have gotten used to the iOS virtual keyboard.

If anyone here decides to purchase one, please share your thoughts on the device once you have it in-hand! :)