Color Change After Software Update


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Dec 3, 2003
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LG Dare
Just updated my Droid-X to to system version 4.5.596. Immediately after the update the status bar / notification bar changed from its previous white color to a very dark (almost black) color. Does anyone know if there is a way to change it back to white? Thanks in advance.
It should be a navy blue color once the Gingerbread .596 update is installed.
Unless there are some themes out there that will work with the Droid X's Gingerbread update, you'd better learn to like it. It's not something that can be switched in the settings, just like the color of the old bar couldn't be adjusted in the settings. Google went with a darker color scheme for Gingerbread, and Motorola skinned it over a bit, giving the navy blue bar instead of a black one.
To my knowledge, it can't be changed. It's just part of the update to Gingerbread.

Root and custom ROMs? I'm not big on "hacking" my phone, but I think that would do the trick.
Root and custom ROMs? I'm not big on "hacking" my phone, but I think that would do the trick.

Yeah, I think the only way to change the color on the top notification bar is if someone made a custom ROM and had it set at a different color.
I, personally don't mind the bar background color. I did notice the "Weather Bug" app temp and info that resides in the bar at the top was almost indiscernible. Wa,la, they have an option to change the text color. Not sure if it was always there or not.
Yeah, I don't mean to repeat what others are saying, but I am pretty sure that there is no way to change that. If you do find out please reply because I am interested as well.