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Apr 11, 2009
U.S. Cellular
Why did all my posts get took down? Is it because I'm black? This is the most racist internet forum ever. I was just trying to get some advice and look what happened.
Why did all my posts get took down?
Probably because you revived many extremely old threads, whose issues were either resolved, forgotten, and/or are no longer relevant to today's technology.

It would not have anything to do with your color.

Please feel free to start new threads with any questions you have. You may not always get answers right away because not as many people use US Cellular as they would other providers.

Although I am not in a US Cellular area, it is in neighboring states, and I am always interested in reading about what's happening with them.
You literally resurrected decade old threads with completely irrelevant comments. If you have a legitimate question or actually want to contribute then start a new thread.