Create Dealer Accounts And Keep 100% Of The Money

Dec 3, 2012
New Orleans,La.
We've got good news! We have been getting tons of request this year from our dealers and our website vistors about setting up a way for everyone to make money creating dealer accounts for Page Plus, H20, Simple Mobile and Red Pocket. We now offer a program that you have unlimited access to create dealer accounts for all 4 carriers and keep 100% of the money. You can set the price to whatever you like, you have full control. Once you sign up, you will get a username and password to log into our system and from there you will have access to create as many dealer accounts as needed.

We will supply you with everything we offer to offer your new dealers

•application for pin portal
•links to buy unlocked cell phones, sim cards and more at wholesale
•How to use dealer portal links.

This is not some affiliate program. you have full control of price and collect all the money.[/url]