[SOLD] Data Cable for the Samsung SPH-N400 or Samsung SPH-A500 phones

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Sep 18, 2021
Hello! I am in a need to purchase a data cable that connects to the Samsung SPH-N400 (or Samsung SPH-A500) to a computer for the purposes of data transfer or file transfer.

The closest cable I can think of that can probably do this is FutureDial's Snapsync cable. But if you happen to have another cable that does the job just as well from another brand, then I am interested.

Attached below is an image of what the connector should look like. (I've visited dozens of websites that claim the connector works for it but it is the completely wrong connector.)

After almost a year of searching (amongst other failed attempts), I am willing to pay $100 to whoever offers a working cable. Thank you for your time reading this post.
SPH-A500 or SPH-N400 connector.jpg

EDIT: The image does not seem to be showing up, so here is an image of the phone connector: imgur.com/a/CCzq42X
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