Do I need to upgrade my Amazon Fire Stick?

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Nov 16, 2006
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I noticed my streaming channels seem to be slower than before and there is frequent buffering. This may have nothing to do with my Fire Stick, but I'm wondering if I don't need to upgrade. I currently have model LY3PR which is several years old. I'm sure Amazon has a newer, faster, better Fire Stick nowadays. Your thoughts?
Could be your internet provider, might want to reboot your modem/router and the firestick after.
I prefer the Roku over the firestick, check it out if your going to upgrade.

And depending on what type of TV / audio now or in the near future depends on which model to get.
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The Wi-Fi reception is poor on those Fire Sticks. My buddy uses my Mobley line for home internet. The stream saver is turned off so he should have full quality tv. His tv picture was trash. He replaced the FS with a Roku, and bam, great picture quality. If you want an Amazon device I’d get a Fire Cube.
Roku’s are a much better streaming device than Firestick. Just my opinion.