Does my U-verse plan look fair? + Any luck waiving $29 activation fee? (btw: first!)


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Jan 8, 2006
Austin, TX, USA
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It looks like I'm the first one to post in the u-verse forum; either that or it's been so long since anyone has that no posts are shown. So I gotta say, FIRST!

Anyways, I decided to sign up for uverse the other day just to compare to Time Warner's RoadRunner service, since they offered a free 30 day trial if I cancel before it's up. I signed up for TV and internet: U200 + premium/HD and the 18Mbit internet package. The yellow Order Worksheet shows:

U-verse TV/Internet Package ______________________$122
AT&T U-verse Voice _______________________________$0
Additional Receiver Fee __________________________$0
Internet Equipment Fee ___________________________$3
Premium Channels/HD Technology Fee(s) ____________$34
International Channels ___________________________$0
AT&T ConnecTech Support Plus (if applicable) _____$0
Total Monthly Charges (without promotions) _______$159
Total Monthly Charges (with applicable promos) ___$134 ($110)
Additional One Time Charges:
$29 TV Service Activation Fee

Promotions/Other Products: Free install, Double Play $25 off 6 mo. term, Free HBO/Cinemax 3 mo. term, $50 closer

How does this look to you? Fair? For the total monthly charges with promos line, the sales rep wrote $134, then $110 directly below it. What's the deal with that? Is that reflecting the free HBO/Cinemax for 3 months?

The sales rep was trying to create a plan that delivered comparable service at a comparable price to what we have with time warner, which is where the $110 comes in. Of course it looks like that's going to go up at 3 months, then again at 6 months. The rep gave me the retentions number and said when the promotions expire to just give them a call and I'd be able to work out another promotion to keep the price down. Is this a load of BS?

Also, the $29 "just-because" fee which they call a one time service activation fee bothers me on principle. If I'm considering keeping the service near the end of the 30 day trial, I'll probably call and let them know I'll only do so if they waive that one. Do people generally have any luck with that?
Also, the rep said that the ONLY taxes/fees that will be added to the bill is sales tax. Is this true?
I think you're only getting the 110 for 6 months. And the $134 is for the remainder of the year. If you did an upgrade while getting UV, you should get an additional $15 off for the year.

Not mentioning, you should also get $100 for signing up.