Does the contract work both ways? Signed up for a new iphone 5s - Rogers not honoring


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May 30, 2008
Hey everyone,

Just want to see what my options are here...

On Sept 20, I signed up for a new iphone, 2 year contract, same plan, for $309 (incl admin fee, and HST) with a $50 rebate. My service agreement clearly states this (pic below) This is my copy and rogers also has a copy.


All is well until I get my bill. (pic below) I see I am being charged $719 for the phone. Fair enough, I'll give them a call and it'll be taken care of..right? .. after 30 minutes on the phone they cant help me, and tell me I have to physically go to the store where I bought it.


It takes me a few days to get a chance to head back to the store (major inconvenience), and I am told they can sign me up for a 2 year deal (and get the original charge of $309 for the phone), but I'll have to change my plan. Currently I pay 55+16 = $76 for my plan (my 5 canada wide, 1 gig data)... I am told my new plan has to be above $60, and if I want anything with canada wide (essential for me), the cheapest plan is $85.

So basically, I'm being forced to pay an extra 10$ per month..

My service agreement clearly states
-same plan
-2 year contract
-$309 (-$50 rebate).

I'm sure Rogers would hold me to an agreement.. should I be able to expect the same from Rogers?
Your plan does not meet the requirement for full subsidy, this is why you got charged the full price. You can escalate it to the office of the president and see what they say. I think best case scenario, the store will offer to take the phone back even if its beyond the return policy and reverse all the charges.
Agreements go both ways. I would take b407's advice and escalate it to a manager. If they refuse to honour it then escalate it to CCTS. Their internal policies don't have any legal weight to override a legally binding agreement, which you have. They either honour it or the transactions are nullified.

If you don't agree to a new plan and they decide to reverse all charges, it is possible for you to keep the phone for the agreed upon amount. Challenge the charges with your credit card company, since you never agreed to pay full price for the phone. This is similar to when they make changes to your plan part way through your term. If you reject the changes and if they refuse to maintain the old plan, you are released from the contract and the phone is yours with no termination fees.

But, if it goes to CCTS and Rogers doesn't agree to honour it, then likely the resolution will be for you to return the phone and everything goes back to what it was before.
Looks like a dealer store.