Does Walmart Family mobile (verizon) have ESIM? How to activate?

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Oct 20, 2015
My dad has Walmart Family Mobile (Verizon). I am driving up to see him this weekend brining him a new Pixel 7a. He currently has a 3a that, ever since switching to from the T-mobile sim to the Verizon sim back in December he doesn't have data(posted about it here The default vzinternet apn doesn't work for him. So I am upgrading him to the pixel 7a hoping that maybe that will solve some issues.

This would be my first time attempting Esim. What do I need to get esim on WFM? I know some companies would send a QR code to download/scan but WFM doesn't seem that advanced in that sense. And based on the linked thread above, is there anyone to ensure that they give me the VZWINTERNET APN instead of VZWENTP? My mom has the Pixel 7a with VZINTERNET APN and has no issues. It even worked on here pixel 3a. I don't know why my Dad's APN was provisioned differently with the same phone and company but ....trouble shooting again.
last i checked only iPhone's were supported for eSIM's by the tracfone brands(of which family mobile is one)
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Wow. Good to know.
Yep. It's absolutely ridiculous, but that's how it is. You should get a $1 TF SIM kit and use that to move the WFM service from his 3a to the new 7a.
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Those kits include SIMs to activate on both VZW and TMO if you want to test, maybe drive around a bit