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May 28, 2005
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I know it was just a few minutes ago that we posted the news about NFL Mobile launching on Verizon this Monday, but you all need to know that we’ve got the file for you. Yep, that’s right. If you want your NFL Mobile action a few days early, here you go…
Download Link: vzwnfl-prod-release.apk (alt link) (alt link2)
Your welcome.
Cheers VZW insiders
None of you are jumping at this, I miss it and my season was over in November.
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Official is now in the market, to bad it keeps telling me I'm not a verizon customer on the Eris. Works fine on BB Storm tho....pretty decent app!
NFL Mobile runs almost perfectly on my 8330.Very little buffering.I remember checking this app out while at a Sprint store on one of their 8330s and it didn't seem to run near as smooth.I was worried my older BB would have playing issues but so far so good. :D
Is the app limited to smartphones, the draft is around the corner? Sprint gave their version for free, on all devices, this taking a long time. Hope they don't wait for the season to roll it fully out.

I've got it downloaded, free, on my enV Touch.

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Best app ever.