Droid X2 : Poor SIP/VoIP call quality


New member
Feb 21, 2010
I used to have a nokia phone: N900, and a lower end Android phone: LG optimus V. The Nokia has superb VOIP calling quality with their building client, I can't tell the difference at all when on WiFi network. LG is a bit worse, but sipdroid were good enough for non-serious conversation. GrooveIP/3CXphone also works.

However, with droid X2, it is such a disappointment. I cannot hear the other party at all with SipDroid, nor can they hear me, even I only allow GSM codec. With GrooveIP, it is ok for me to hear, but the other party always have issues. 3CXphone does not even work with my local server (I have verified the setting many times on my Optimus). I am always using it on wifi network. Meanwhile my desktop client has no issue at all.

I am still running the stock rom since I heard Eclipse has a pretty bad battery life. Also, I kind of like the blur interface. Regardless, I googled a little bit, one post complained the same issue.

Just want to check whether you guys have the same issue? Any know solution? Does customized rom help at all?