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Please keep in mind that this is a feedback forum, not a ranting forum. The site's rule apply here as well. Constructive criticism and feedback are welcome, rude comments are not and will be deleted. Posts made simply to berate the site and/or site staff may be removed without warning, explanation, or response.

Before posting a thread in Forum Feedback please review the following:

  • Please search this forum prior to posting - In some cases your issue or feedback may have been previously discussed.
  • Do not use Forum Feedback to discuss issues related to Moderators - If you have an issue with a Moderator, your first course of action is to send a Private Message to the Moderator in question to try to resolve the grievance. If unsuccessful, you are free to then contact an Administrator who will assist you.
  • "Can I post this?" - If you are unsure that something you wish to post may conflict with a forum-specific or overall site policy, please contact a forum Moderator for clarification prior to posting it.
  • Advertisements - This site is expensive to maintain and they're necessary to provide it at no cost to you. If you think an ad is obscene, a cause for concern, or intrudes on a forum function, we'd like to know so we can address it. If you use an ad blocker, please consider adding howardforums.com to your exceptions list to support this free service and help keep the site alive. As an alternative, you can browse the forums ad-free as a Premium Member.
  • Interested in advertising here? - Please see Account Upgrades.
  • Need a Moderator's attention to a bad post/thread? - Please use the Report feature on the offending post. This will alert the forum Moderators. You may also Private Message a Moderator for assistance.
  • Problem with your current Premium Membership? - Please forward your PayPal subscription receipt to: admin (at) howardchui (dot) com so we can verify your subscription status and assist you.
  • Username changes - Please contact an Administrator.
  • Managing/canceling your Premium Membership - You can manage your subscription via PayPal by going here and searching for "manage subscription" or "manage preapproved payments". Follow the instructions provided.
  • Having a problem with your account? - Please Private Message an Administrator for assistance.
  • Getting automatically logged out after a while? - Please ensure that the "Stay logged in" box is checked before you log in.
  • CloudFlare/502 errors - When the site is under attack we use a protection service called CloudFlare. This will cause delays when accessing the site and/or browser 502 errors.
  • Unrelated questions - Please do not post questions here pertaining to a device, carrier, or anything else not related to forum feedback or issues. If you are unsure of where to post your question, please Private Message a Moderator for assistance.
Not open for further replies.