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Google Voice has its own rather large support forum which offers help to users.

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I am a GV (with Obihai) user, and a Tracfone user. I am glad to see this GV subforum here!
The person you are agreeing with is l-o-n-g gone. This thread has been inactive for over 5 years :befuddled
the search is so bad over there. I don't think anyone reads, they just post. The same topics over and over. And they don't even look at which subcategory they post in either. And the major responders just paste links to previously asked and answered topics.

I came here tonight specifically to see if there was a GV forum yet, keep it for sure.
Thirding this. They've reworked those forums a bunch, but I've yet to encounter a change that's a pleasant surprise.

But attempting to get support via Google One is an option now. I've found it's not always useless.