Feeling Tricked and Paying For It


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Jul 11, 2010
Alberta, Canada
In Jan. 2013, Fido had their $63 super plan or whatever it was called out. I had 6-7 months left on my contract and Rogers had been calling me to renew my contract. Was thinking of switching to Fido for that deal but decided to talk to Rogers first to see what they could do.

I was told that they couldn't match the plan exactly but they could offer 3gb of data, unlimited Canada wide calling, iphone value pack, name display, etc for $63 a month as long as I would re-sign a three year contract that day. I agreed with the reassurance that I didn't have to do my HUP at that time and that I could do it later on when the new iphone came out. So my plan decreased $15 a month and I added way more minutes but lost 3GB of data.

In September I HUP'd to an iphone 5S. I was told a $50 credit would show up on MyRogers. This never surfaced.

All of the credits that Rogers had placed on my contract have now apparently expired and my bill is just under $100 now. 1/3 more than I was told I would pay. I called customer service to find out why I was no longer getting the plan I signed up for. The customer service rep agreed this was strange and said she would request to have it changed back to what I was originally paying.

Now I'm passed on from the billing customer service rep to another rep. This woman tells me that my contract wasn't actually renewed in Jan. 13 and that it is impossible to renew a phone line for three years without a HUP. She then tells me that I was month to month when I signed up for my iPhone 5S. She says there is nothing she can do and that my options are to remove features I had agreed to or essentially suck it up and pay the extra $35 a month.

The woman in billing told me that there was a note on my account for the credits to continue for the duration of my contract. There's no way I would have stayed with Rogers when I could have went with Fido knowing that I'd get the better plan.

Just feeling annoyed due to the miscommunication. Thoughts? Am I just going to have to eat it? I feel like I've been conned .
You have been conned - or more specifically, Robbed. Welcome to Robbers.