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May 5, 2015
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Not too sure source of these plans (only for ex-Mobilicity clients? all Chatr clients? specific Chatr clients?)
But they have been sending out promo plans to port over to Fido
I noticed a thread on RFD for retention offering the same plans

Starts at $45 for Canada Wide calling + 4GB data (says 2GB permanent)
I am a Chatr customer and I am getting these messages too. I will change in the day that they offer me 6GB for $60 or less! Ahaha impossible but thats ok! Ahaha
I haven't seen anything yet. I'm an ex-Mobilicity client on Chatr.
They are emailing people but again no idea what criteria
The offers also say "exclusive for 416-xxx-xxxx"
Haven't got anything

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Just for fun, those of you that never got the offer call 1-888-945-3436 and see if they let you switch (assuming you are interested)
Just say you got the email about calling in for promo plans, it says exclusive offers valid to March 31st
Starts at $45 for Canada Wide calling + 4GB data (says 2GB permanent)
Not bad for $45

A month ago, I received text from Chatr (on my $20 plan of unlimited local zone call) telling me to switch over to Fido. They have sweetened the deal with 100 sms. With everything being the same, so I took the deal and switched.
Now to my pleasant surprise, my calling plan after 1 cycle ,is now detailed as
〘 Unlimited CanadaWide Minutes
100 Text, Picture and Video Messages 〙
As you know Fido does not even have a $20 local voice plan at all. So far so good. If you get the deal, grab it.
I live in GTA and I hardly ever need to call out of region at all . Trust me : it is nice to know that no LD within Canada though.

Daniel, GTA
PS. I do have the Fido $15 Data plan and $20 voice plan in a dual SIM phone
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Fido is offering the following for chatr customers to migrate over:
$20 Unlimited Canada Wide calling
$40 Unlimited Canada Wide calling + 4 gigs of LTE data
$50 Unlimited Canada Wide calling + 6 gigs of LTE data

Received a text regarding the last offer, when I called and spoke to Fido they said these were also an option. Offer expires Dec 31, 2017
Fido is offering the following for chatr customers to migrate over:

Did those three offers also include texting? Unlimited Canada-wide or Unlimited International?

That $40 offer would be great for my girlfriend if it includes texting.
Not Fido but Rogers: My dad has been with Chatr for a year and a half now and he received an offer from Rogers for $20 plan with Unlimited Canada Calling & Texting. He's definitely thinking about it but he's thinking about the rare time he goes to US once every x amount of months where now it will cost $.65/text or $7/day (vs $.15 with Chatr)