Bell Finding a replacement phone for my BlackBerryMD BoldMC 9900 4G


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Jun 23, 2014
To start, I realize that there are a lot of great smartphone's out there AND I did make a mistake by sticking with Blackberry since I knew that the company was in trouble... However, it was, at the time, the optimal solution for me

1) I work with MS Office 365 (with Outlook 365) on my laptop and I need my new smartphone to effortlessly sync Calendar, Contacts and MemoPad. This was easily done with my BBerry (before it died on me) by plugging and syncing using the BlackBerry Desktop Software.
2) The challenge is that I use Google mail a lot for personal and business e-mail. This creates a syncing problem if I send a calendar event using my gmail account and or set a calendar event on my outlook calendar. Same situation for adding or updating Contacts.

My priority is that my Outlook 365 and smartphone are synced.

Can a Nokia 520 Windows phone solve my syncing problem?