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May 25, 2018
Be Inspired. Be Empowered. Be Love.

Inspirational quotes, affirmations, good news stories & daily positive reminders are some of the simplest yet most effective tools for daily motivation, mental growth, and a happier life!

Whether you need the motivation to get something done, seek encouragement to help you through a challenging time, or simply enjoy sharing inspirational quotes & affirmations on social media, the Love Expands has you covered.

We’ve bundled a number of services & inspirational content so that you do not have to download multiple apps.

+ Over 1 Million Motivational Quotes
+ Over 1 Million Positive Affirmations
+ Curated Quotes of the Day
+ Curated Affirmations of the Day
+ Filter Quotes and Affirmations by Category
+ Inspirational Quotes & Affirmation Reminders Throughout the Day
+ Change Fonts, Colors, and Background of Quotes & Affirmations
+ Good News Stories
+ Printable Coloring Pages for Adults & Kids
+ Fun & Interesting Facts
+ Wellness Content

Download the free app today to enjoy daily motivation for success and a healthier, more inspired life.

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