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FREE Phones!


New member
Jun 29, 2011
FREE phones are in ...

We received some close outs and carrier return phones and are making these available for FREE with modest activations.

Activate a line for as little as $10.00 (line open for 120 days! ... for $20.00 you have 360 days days of open line) and get the handset for FREE. That's right! for as little as $10.00 you can get a phone handset AND service for up to 120 days .... That's a nice deal!!!

Of course, any plan is available including our unlimited plans.

These are great BASIC handsets to use for a second line, emergency line or your principle phone.

Some are in B/C condition, but everything works on nationwide coverage. Some touch screen, some FLIP phones, some messaging phones ... lots to choose from ...

Check these out here https://myrealmobile.com/phones . Scroll through the pages or just enter “FREE” in the search box.

NO Excuses! … everyone gets to talk! :clapping: