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Jul 26, 2017
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I saw that the US Google Pay app will no longer be available after June 2024.

How does Google Wallet differ? I looked at some reviews on that and it didn't sound too great.

I just want to pay for the occasional Google Play app without compromising my debit or PayPal info. I don't need it for store purchases.

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You can still do everything iirc via the web account interface.

Including virtual card, balance transfers for now anyway which was my main banking hub for non-Zelle contexts

Wallet has ID cards, vaccine info, DLs in some places.
When you say "the web account interface," is that to say GPay has an online interface that's available without installing the app? Or do I still have to sign up using the app?

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yes, just like any Google service

in this case, go to

If you have lots of different gMail accounts, there is a gPay account for each, not something you need to sign up for separately

There may be multiple profiles in each account

Every time you save a card in Android, every time you make a payment in Play or buy from the Store or use gFi, it logs the info to gPay.

To download and/or delete your data, go to

All this info is easily searched for
Thank you for taking time to answer the GPay questions. I searched for the site after posting last time but haven't logged in yet.

Most people in the forum probably already have a GPay or Google Wallet, but I'm one of the molluscs who arrive slowly to new ideas. Partly in this case for concern about my personal info getting out on the web everywhere through different apps that may get hacked.

I noticed my phones get popups that show an old expired debit card, and that was concerning.

Apps may potentially harbor keystroke loggers or other hidden threats, so I don't hurry to add new apps unless they say they don't harvest or share data.

When a Google Play app offers a paid version, what's the safest way to pay? If I use PayPal would it go through GPay, or is it transacting directly with the app website?

Perhaps it would be better to pay by adding credit to GPay, but then if that won't be available after June 2024 I would still have to use PayPal to pay.

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As I mentioned, anything financial with Google gets routed through the gPay infrastructure.

Nothing to do with any apps, and often the user has no idea.

I have many dozens of banks/CUs I use to segregate what I connect my fintechs to and I do not connect fintech to fintech, best to use real banks on the back end.

However I have not set foot in one, nor used a cheque, since the early aughts.

I do not install apps unless required, usually you can do everything via website UIs.

High quality credit cards with good customer purchase protection policies are always the safest payment method.

I don't use these fintechs to make payments unless required, just use CCs directly, often using virtual cards now offered by many decent quality banks.