Horrible experience today with COX Phoenix


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Jul 14, 2009
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Wanted cablecard + sdv adapter for my TiVo... tech showed up and was mad that he had to do a cablecard. He did NOT want to install the SDV adapter (primarily because he didn't have one with him and would have to come back - as he put it - "unpaid".)

As politely as possible I said "I mean no disrespect but I am not negotiating with you about the SDV adapter. The service requires it."

Downhill from there despite kissing his surly backside. He waited on hold for a whole ten minutes before giving up and saying he couldn't activate the cable card.

I'd given him a bottle of cold water when he arrived. When he left he'd thrown the empty bottle on my front lawn.

The install is rescheduled, I want to use my TiVo - but Cox absolutely met my (low) expectations.
Cox made good on the bad experience. Install fee waived, got cablecard+sdv adapter installed on my Series 3 HD Tivo this morning. It took the guy TWO HOURS to get the SDV adapter to pair with the cable card and their back-end servers. Install charge .. waived.
got the tech ID of the install tech?
No, I never got it in either case. Looking for one who can do it right the first time, eh?

They know who the original one is, no doubt in my mind.