T-Mobile how does aws version of nexus one perform...

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Aug 18, 2007
x6, nokia e71, nexus one
on tmobile? is 3g acceptable with reception? and is tmobile unable to put a check on tethering on the nexus as opposed to a tmobile subsidized phone?
T-mobile AWS version was first, before NAM nexus one. Have one since January, and love it. If in a strong T-Mobile 3G area, you shouldn't have any problem
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3g is fast. I downloaded a whole music album this week on the phone directly in a few minutes and it was 152mb. I've never had reception troubles either. Check a coverage map for that.
My nexus one is my favorite though the reception is kinda weak (compared with XT720), but I really like it.
AMOLED screen is pretty beautiful.
trackball is good for navigation
3G speed is good on both phone and tethering
If you know how to flash the phone, you can install wifi calling.
I jsut got a N1 and cannot get 3g to work. only edge.
I'm thinking maybe I got the wrong Nexus one, it was advertised as working on Tmobile 3g
I have the $10 plan if that matter. any help please. Been having lots of badluck with phones lately:D