How have your political beliefs changed over the years?

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Apr 20, 2006
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I recently popped back onto Howardforums after more than a decade away. Back in like 2008 I actually moderated the politics and lounge forums here, and it got me thinking.

Back in 2008 I was a pretty die-hard Republican. Couldn't stand Obama, loved McCain, watched Glenn Beck on Fox News, rooted for the tea party people, etc.

But over the years, and especially as tensions escalated during the 2016 election, I drifted away from the Republican party. It was largely due to Trump and the obsequiousness of the friends and family who yes, were Republicans, but then sold their souls to support a con-man and have now turned into unrecognizable radicalized shells of the people I once knew.

Different things over the years got me thinking more deeply about policy issues. A friend of mine came out as trans, and I saw the daily harassment and insults he receives. I, and several friends are still paying our student loans nearly 20 years after we graduated college; I read books on racism in the United States and the war on drugs, and as I did a top-down re-evaluation of what I believed I actually realized that I more closely align as a Social Democrat.

It was a journey that took years, but this seemed like an interesting place to reflect on that, because if you search my old comments around the politics forum, you'll see how different I was back then. And back then I didn't think it would be the least bit controversial for me to say that I was pro-vaccine, pro-democracy, or Anti-Russia, but here we are.
I welcome your post and am glad that you posted this in the proper forum. I am only asking the forum members not to let this thread get out of hand.
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I've gotten more disgusted through the years over peoples callousness towards other people.
I welcome your post and am glad that you posted this in the proper forum. I am only asking the forum members not to let this thread get out of hand.

Yeah, I'm kind of worried now that I've posted it, to be honest. I think a lot of what plagues our country is that we are in this epistemic crisis where there are two sides each living in completely different and incompatible realities. That doesn't leave a lot of room for finding common ground of any kind, so in a forum dedicated to cellphones, maybe those common-interest topics ought to rule out. That way I don't start to question somebody's advice in the T-Mobile forum just because I learned elsewhere that they support the Jan 6 rioters and think that Donald Trump is still president or something (at which point I start to question their judgment in general).

At the same time, if we don't talk to each other it's hard to mend fences, too, so I don't know.
I am still a fiscal conservative, but now I realize you CANNOT pass a law against people having "special feelings" for someone of the same gender. So I am not quite as much of a "social conservative" anymore. I still don't want people pushing this lifestyle in my face, but if someone really, really likes someone of the same gender, I wish them well. I hope they have a happy life. They won't have a happy life if I LOUDLY CONDEMN them as a BIG FAT SINNER. And I won't convince them to stop being gay either.

Remember, if you want to look at things from a certain point of view, I am just as much of a "BIG FAT SINNER" as what I believed gay people were back in the day. Breaking the laws of man, like the speed limit, even by 1 MPH, could be argued to be a sin, just as much as breaking the laws of God (and yes, honestly, I do think that acting on gay feelings is a "sin"). So I think we should be pleasant to LGBTQ people and not condemn them. Yelling at them and condemning them does no good for anyone.
I generally stay neutral when it comes to politics, especially us politics. I see people that are die hard on one side or the other, but to me it's just two different feathers �� from the same bird. I have friends that are republican, Democrat, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, gay, straight, religious, non religious, etc etc etc. As long as they are kind and a good person, I can handle their beliefs even if opposite of mine. We never argue about politics which helps make the different views easy to accept.

I do worry about us gov spending. I don't see that ever getting better and the deficit is insane. I feel US politics is very broken and a country can't prosper when their leaders fight over everything and agree on very little.

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