HP iPaq h5550


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Jan 8, 2012
I just recently got my hands on an old HP iPaq h5550 unit, but I can't get it to do anything at all. The battery is almost certainly completely dead, but even if I remove it and plug it into the power adapter, I get nothing. No LED indicator, nothing. I have a power cord with an adapter to plug it into the base of the unit. I also have the docking base which accomodates the power tip. Neither way makes a difference. I've read about pressing the two outer buttons, holding down power, etc. It's entirely possible that it's DOA, but I'm hoping there's something else I can try. Any thoughts?

I had recent occasion to play with a newer vintage of Dell Axim the idea was to make an Android PDA. However the device was under powered and barely booted Android. So far as windows itself goes it was also outdated. The whole project was a wash. I didn't waste more time on outdated hard and software. Imho.

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