HTC One (T-Mobile) vs Developer Edition


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Aug 3, 2005
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I'm 90% sure I want the HTC One. It was either that or the s4, but internal storage is very important to me and 8-16 gigs won't cut it.

So, I will either be buying the HTC One directly from T-Mobile, or I will get the developers edition.

I have a few questions:
- Is the HTC One sold by T-mobile have an unlocked bootloader and/or is easy to unlock?
- I'm slightly confused if the developer edition supports t-mobile. From what I've read, its missing a few out-dated bands? I live in NYC if that makes a difference in terms of coverage. Can anyone explain?
- Does the AT&T 64gig HTC One have the correct T-mobile bands? If I find one on Ebay, would that be better?
- Any rumors of T-mobile selling a 64gig version like AT&T soon?

Your post was awhile ago so don't know if you ever got your answer. But just in case you didn't or in case this helps someone else out maybe, here's the answers to your questions:

(1) No, the T-mobile version is locked. Not sure about the ease of might do a search on that one.

(2) & (3) The ONLY edition of the HTC One that supports both the 1900 and 1700 bands that T-mobile uses for their HSPA+ "4g" service is the T-mobile version. ALL the other versions are missing support for the 1700 band including the developer edition you mentioned. What this means to you is that if you use ANY other edition of the HTC One on T-mobiles service you POSSIBLY will not have access to HSPA+ depending on your location and be limited to slow 2G/EDGE speeds. Why do I say possibly? Because the good news is that T-mobile is currently in the process of doing two things. 1) Deploying LTE service to most major markets by the end of the 2013 year and 2) moving their radio spectrum around, something referred to as "refarming". In areas that are refarmed, HSPA+ will be available on the 1900 band that all versions of the HTC One have. However they are still in the early stages of that project. So for now you may have to choose between larger storage with the Developer edition or slow data speeds. That situation will improve over time though as both the refarming and LTE projects continue to roll out though. On a related sidenote: You may miss out on some T-mobile specific things like Wifi calling with the Developer Edition as well so that may be a consideration to you going with a t-mobile version even if it has less storage. Between that and the potential (for now) pockets of slow data speeds until LTE and refarming finish you have to weigh the pros and cons on what is more important to you.

To check the status of refarming in your area, visit this site:
To check status of LTE in your area, visit this site:
To see how T-Mobile splits their specturm up now, vs. the future, visit this site:

(4) Sorry, no. Not at this time. No rumors of anything different then the situation we have now in regards to 64GB being only on AT&T or Developer edition.
Wow. Thank you for that VERY easy to understand and thorough explanation. I went into a t-mobile store and they couldn't even explain it.

I ended up getting the 64gb AT&T version for now, and although I hate the bloatware, my company has a discount with them that made the phone significantly cheaper than I would have paid for the developer version. Even after the cancellation fee that I will be paying in a few months to go off contract.

Those links show some positive signs that NYC has already been refarmed, so I should be all good once I make the switch to t-mobile or an MVNO that uses T-mobiles bands.
You're welcome! I've been deciding between the DE and tmobile version myself so I've done a lot of research..a LOT. lol
Anyone have any idea if/when T-Mo might be restocking the refurbs?