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HTC U11 SIM unlock by Official unlock code


New member
Feb 4, 2019
iPhone 8
Here you can learn how to unlock HTC U11 via SIM Network Unlock Pin code on any carrier network in the world via IMEI number. You have probably heard or read somewhere that for a safe and efficient SIM unlock procedure you need an unlock code. All other SIM unlock methods for your HTC U11 can prove to be inefficient or even damaging. So, if you want to unlock your HTC U11 and keep it intact during and after the process, you should visit the most reliable website from where you can order and buy your genuine unlock code for your HTC U11. Namely, the one site you should trust is www.imeiunlocksim.com.

Unlock HTC U11.jpg

Steps how to Unlock HTC U11 via IMEI Code

If you are serious about unlocking your mobile phone device here are the few simple steps you need to stick to:

  1. Order your HTC U11 unlock code from IMEIUnlockSIM website.
  2. Enter the information required. One of the details you must provide is the IMEI of your SIM locked HTC U11. If you maybe don’t know it or if you don’t know where to find it just dial *#06# and you will see the IMEI right on your mobile phone’s screen.
  3. Wait for unlock code to be delivered to you on your email address.
  4. Enter the unlock code as instructed and your HTC U11 will be unlocked before you know it.

Things that you should have in mind:

If you cannot enter the unlock code or you receive another ambiguous message on the phone’s screen contact our team. If it says, “network locked” contact us again. These instances are not frequent, but if they happen, we know exactly what to do to help you out.

To make things even easier for you we have developed an application for unlock code generating that you can download on your phone and perform the SIM unlock from there. You don’t even need to have a computer. All you need to do is go to our service and download the IMEIUnlockSIM application. Once you have it on your mobile phone device you can use it as many times you want, not only to unlock your HTC U11, but any SIM locked HTC U11 that comes your way. Our use our online service via IMEI Number. You need to send your IMEI number to us in the form into our website, and we can unlock.

The best things about the HTC U11 unlock method

Now, not only can you make some money, but you can also evade the roaming fees, reduce the bills you have for your mobile phone services by wisely selecting your monthly plans. You can use any SIM card in the world wherever you travel or move or work. You can even sell your HTC U11 without having to reduce its price due to the SIM lock.
This method has been used tens of thousands of customers from all over the world. Fifty thousand people from 142 different countries are happy to say that IMEIUnlockSIM has helped them unlock their HTC U11 devices.
In case you don’t like the service you can always ask for your money back.

The support team is there for you any time of the day so you will never be left on your own. support@imeiunlocksim.com are the contact emails you need in case you need any assistance with the process.
The benefits are just so many, and you should not look past them. Use our trusted website and improve your device right this moment.